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        Right after the Oscar Awards, I watched the film and fell in love with French and the actress Carey Mulligan. I fantasizes one day I could go to Oxford and read what I want and speak French as Jenny dreamed about and finally achieved.
        Recently I somehow can not escape the overcast feeling and feel so depressed that I couldn't find the right direction in my life. I spent days and days doing nothing but watching movies, cooking and reading novels. I didn't want to step outside of my house and breath the fresh air and enjoy the warm sunshine. I even think I am so pathetic and don't deserve to live in this wonderful world.
        I begin to question the point of studying, my choice and my future. I felt bored as Jenny felt about study. I felt pointless to do the readings again and again, to prepare for those assignments, and to recite and memorize all the theories and names of authors. I felt bored and I don't want to continue. In the movie, Jenny met David and melt by his charm. She realizes there are much more interesting things outside and she was trapped by her pointless study. She argued with her headmaster and said that the whole country is boring and I felt bored. what's the point of education that is telling you to be bored and bored while there are lots of things that are interesting to see and to do.
        Of course, concerning the historical background of the movie, it talks a totally different situation as mine. it's a time when few women are able to get tertiary education and it's a time when the pursue of high intelligence and knowledge can sacrifice for a happily-ever-after marriage (for women it's critically important to marry a wealthy and preferably smart men and enjoy their lives and consume their youth and beauty).
         Jenny makes the right decision eventually, but I instantly ask myself what if she didn't find the letters that indicate her David is actually a married adulter. Would her life completely changed? As her beloved teacher told her, she is smart and beautiful and has a promising future waiting for her. She has to go to Oxford. She has to pursue her happiness from what she really loves instead of becoming the victim of old-fashioned thinking about marriage and finally become pathetic.
          What I've learnt from Jenny is there is no short cut to the life you've always dreamed of. There's no gain without pain. There's no such thing called lucky or smart or intelligent, but hard-working and hard working. I enjoy seeing the scene when Jenny sit on the stairs, looking directly at me, and her mother's voice comes from the kitchen saying: we are happy to inform you that your application is accepted by Oxford in Faculty of Arts...she looks so calm, but I know that feeling--the feeling of a new start and the feeling of accomplishment.
          I sort of understand what's the point of my education.


Yeah, women's life

但是Jenny并不享受这样的生活,她说we don't believe in music,她说等我上大学了,要读自己想读的书,听想听的音乐,看法国电影,talk to people who knows lots about lots

Bourgeois, pretty common, isn't it? She's a common people except for her beautiful face.






See? We cannot blame her for being naive, her family education leads to this.


至于David,撩妹套路太深,生意上的partner劝他不要伤害Jenny,他说Jenny is the one,随后被Jenny发现了若干封寄给Mr.&Mrs.blabla(忘了他的姓)的信,就在那个放烟的抽屉。不管心机还是潜意识,这不是倒霉是计划的。

David已婚的消息是编剧送给迷途小羔羊的成年礼物,让她可以赶在事情更坏之前逃离这个局。所以说主角光环就是不一般,Jenny去找了stubbs老师,初进家门时她说“all your books and pictures ”而老师说那不过是平装书和明信片罢了。




同样是她喜欢的burne jones,在David的朋友家是原画,在老师家是印刷品。我不觉得Stubbs对那幅画的爱相比之下会更少,但是拥有什么是根据经济实力决定的。Jenny的老师或父母不可能负担得起她向往的那种生活,就像Jenny爸爸说的“I'm scared, i don't want you to be scared, too. And David came up, he knows how to go to concert, he knows writers…but he's not like what he said, he's not like what you said ”


Stubbs问她,你喜欢burne jones吗?jenny说“still”,老师说这听起来old and wise, and Jenny said "I feel old, but not wise"


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